Banking Law

Banking Law

Our current economic and social situation, added to the practices conducted by banks and the serious damage deriving from these, cannot be attended but with the maximum study and dedication. Our professional team offers preventive advice when it comes to hiring different financial products to avoid any situation of risk.

We are also experts in judicial and extrajudicial claims of all types of procedures related to financial institutions arising from unfair terms and which have made clients powerless, until several court rulings in different judicial areas have made the procedure easier.


Do not hesitate to contact us: we will be delighted to provide you with further information and help in every manner we may be of assistance. 

Operating Areas

  • Breaches and banking malpractice: errors with the effects of invalidating contracts.
  • Base interest rate clauses established in mortgages.
  • Mortgage expenses.
  • IPRH and multicurrency mortgages.
  • Shares and bonds of Banco Popular.
  • Revolving cards and invalidating interest loan sharks.
  • Preferential shares.
  • Interest rate cover or SWAPS .
  • Self-Cancelling bonds
  • Warrants
  • Claims against companies of financial advice (EAFI) for invalidating contracts as well as for breach of contract.
  • Analysis of the existence of unfair terms in mortgage loans.
  • Payment on account.
  • Debt renegotiation.
  • Defence of those forced to pay bills of exchange related to construction companies in competition. Exchange rate objections.

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