New technologies and digital risks

Areas and services.

We live in a world in constant change.

The widespread use of ICT and globalization has turned the world into an interconnected space with a global market. Companies are using the internet to develop relationships with customers and suppliers, market, and even for internal operations. Our managers and employees send and receive work emails wherever they are.

But technology is changing at an accelerated speed and involves not only updating our knowledge and our abilities, but also incorporating into our company the changes and innovations which allow us to position ourselves in the face of intense market competition.


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“• Uber has more than 40 million users per month worldwide, exceeding its income of $18 billion a year. China and Spain are the two countries where they have had the most problems to be able to function, despite being in litigation with taxi drivers in many other countries.”


“In April 2017, Airbnb reached an offering exceeding 13,000 apartments in Madrid. Authorities in many cities are trying to regulate their activity.”

Centro Nacional de Ciberseguridad

“The National Cybersecurity Centre (INCIBE) registered 115,000 incidents in 2016 which affected companies and individuals in Spain.”


“LinkedIn is a platform with 500 million users and with 9 million companies seeking to fill 10 million open vacancies. Launched in 2003, Microsoft bought it for $26.2 billion in 2016.”


“WhatsApp created in 2009, today has 1.2 billion users in 109 countries. Facebook bought it for $19 billion in 2014. “


“YouTube was created in 2005 when its first video was uploaded. Today it is viewed by over a billion users. The “Despacito” music video has been watched more than a million times in 99 countries. Although copyright is regulated, there have also been serious lawsuits such as from VIACOM.”

Areas of action

The use of the internet in business activity provides great advantages and financial savings, but we are faced with a series of risks that must be minimized. The most relevant, according to the field of activity are:

Cybersecurity and Malware
  • Attacks on the company.
    • Theft of employee mail.
    • Information hijacking.
    • Information theft and passwords.
    • Destruction of information
  • Attacks on service providers for the company.
    • Implications about service interruption (in sales, purchases or marketing)
    • Implications of interruption in the logistics chain
Data Management.
  • Breach of document custody obligations in companies and professionals.
  • Breach of regulations. Protection of personal data (files, data protection rights, etc…). Right to be forgotten.
  • Information leaks or theft.
  • Revelation of secrets.
Relations with Customers and Suppliers
  • Impersonation of client or supplier.
  • Problems from using means of payment/use of pin and password for clients and users on web platforms.
  • General conditions of electronic contracting.
  • Relations with financers.
  • Agreements on the use of software or technology.
Corporate image.
  • Damage to corporate image in the network through actions or comments against the company.
  • Reputational risks generated by problems or operational incidents.
  • Deceptive advertising, discriminatory advertising, etc.
Internal operations management.
  • Operating incidents due to network or logistic operator failures.
  • Unauthorised access to computer systems.
  • Use of programs without the consent of their owners.
  • Crimes against industrial property.
  • Cyberbullying towards or by employees.
  • Phishing/pharming, etc.

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